XHTML workshop

Yesterday night, Scott and I attended an XHTML workshop on campus. We get to take these workshops for free because we’re employed by the university, so we figured we’d take advantage of it and see if we learned anything new. The workshop itself was three hours long, from 5:30 to 8:30, and it was a continuation from the basic XHTML workshop that was given the previous week. I wasn’t sure if I’d learn anything new in the class, but to my surprise, I did pick up on a few things.

I thought the instructor we had was great, for one. He really emphasized the importance of web standards with XHTML, and he touched on a few CSS topics as well. We spent the class editing a Web Page Creation Resources website, going through the changes along with him as he told us how writing the code in XHTML was different than writing it in HTML. I didn’t learn that much new information from the instructor, but I was happy that he taught the class in a concise and well-explained manner.

One thing I did learn that I did not know before - the use of thead, tbody, and tfoot in tables. I had seen those tags before, but I never knew what they really stood for or how to really use them. The thead tag (obviously) wraps around the designated ‘header’ of the table, allowing the user to style the headers in whatever way they wish. Tfoot denotes the footer of the table; I also found that you can put the tfoot tag anywhere in the table, and it will automatically move to the bottom! I thought that was neat, but I didn’t really understand why anyone would want to put the footer of the table anywhere but the bottom. People do strange things, I suppose. And, of course, tbody just wraps around the main body of the table. I thought that that was interesting, and I was a little embarassed for not knowing those rules prior to the class!

I had a good time at the class. I’m taking three Fireworks classes during the next three weeks; I don’t know anything about that program and would like to learn before I move on to other jobs, so I hope I take more from that than I did from this class.