Weeknotes 3 - Trying to stay cool

A hand holding up the toe of a hand knit sock.

Greetings on a hot Sunday morning here in New England! We're staying nice and cool in our air-conditioned apartment, feeling grateful we can stay comfortable while temperatures soar to the upper 90s (close to 36 C). Let's review my week!

  • First and foremost, I bought a fountain pen! I bought a turquoise Pilot Metropolitan from Goulet Pens and it arrived on Friday. I love pens and have wanted to switch to fountain pens so I'm not buying a ton of single use pens. So far, I absolutely LOVE it. I'm using the cartridge of black ink that came with the pen right now, but I also bought a couple samples of bottled ink and a converter so I can test out a bunch of different things. And, well, I might have bought another pen today, too...

  • I spent my workweek refactoring a bunch of CSS, which makes my little heart sing. Does anyone else get a kick out of refactoring code? I love rewriting code to make it more efficient and deleting unnecesary lines of code causes me so. much. satisfaction. I'll be coninuing this work next week and I will be rewriting our button components to remove unneeded props, and I'll be updating our Storybook instance with all the new button configurations. Oh, and I'll also be updating our tests and I'd love to get visual regression working. Let's see how much I get done this week!

  • Blog-wise? Nope, didn't work on this site all week. I had a week where I didn't want to go on the computer after work except for my regular virtual events, so I didn't write any code for the picture element and didn't get any Large Media configuration done. I don't know if I'll work on it at all today, either -- I chose to spend more of my time knitting and spinning and writing than I did on the internet.

Last week's goals? Well, I've done yoga and I've spun some yarn every day, but like I said above, I didn't do any work on my website. I'm thinking setting one goal a week with my site will work better than trying to set multiple goals, so maybe this week I'll try fixing the font sizes and line heights. I'm looking into using Utopia for determining font sizes and heights, so hopefully I can work on that this week. I'll leave Large Media work to a future week. I have to start somewhere!