Weeknotes 1 - The beginning

A bobbin of partially spun mint green yarn.

Last year, I attempted to write a post on Sundays recapping my week, but I didn't keep up with it. So, here I go again, giving this another try! I'm hoping to keep this a mix of crafting, coding, and other little bits about my week that I enjoyed or inspired me.

  • Thanks to the Party Corgi Discord server, I've thought a little about what I want this space to be. What do I want to put out there for others? Do I want to write about code, do I want to write about life, or do I want to write about a combination of the two? The only conclusion I've reached is that I need to write something, so here I am.

  • I'm participating in Tour de Fleece this year, which is a fiber spinning challenge that happens every year during the Tour de France (which is happening virtually this year). I'm challenging myself by spinning for at least 15 minutes a day, and so far, I've only missed one day. Spinning yarn is a meditative activity for me and I need it more than ever right now.

  • My yoga practice is going well. I started watching a Yoga with Adriene video every morning a little over 3 weeks ago as a way to ground myself and stay active. I've needed this bit of exercise to improve my mental health, as the pandemic has vastly affected my well being. (Honestly, who hasn't been affected by this?) Doing 20-30 minutes of yoga has helped me a lot, and next, in August, I'm planning on running again. I've missed it.

  • I listened to the latest episode of the Tech 4 Humans podcast, with Erika Myles as the guest talking about web accessibility. I'm always super jazzed to hear excitement regarding web accessibility, so I recommend this podcast and this episode to anyone else who wants to learn more!

  • Book-wise, I finished reading She Would Be King by Wayétu Moore earlier this week and started How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. I'm now up to 23 books read so far this year.

  • I worked a short week last week, taking Thursday and Friday off. During my short week, I spent some time working on a React application for our client, updating our Storybook instance with updated components. I used Storybook back when I worked on a design system for the company I worked for, so it was fun getting back into it. Also, I finally did my taxes and renewed my driver's license, so gold star for me!

Goals for next week: Continue with my daily yoga practice, write another Weeknotes post next Sunday, and continue with Tour de Fleece. Maybe I'll get around to tweaking this site a bit, but I'd rather focus on writing for now. Wish me luck!