The demise of Pomatomus.

Today, my beautiful Pomatomus socks went from this -

A knit sock outside.

to this -

A bunch of yarn in a pile.

all because of this -

A knit sock with a hole in it.

and now I am sad. I knit these socks last summer while camping in Missouri with Scott's family; I don't believe the temperatures dipped below 95F so I spent the weekend in the shade or in the water, trying my hardest to stay cool.

I love this pattern. However, I knit these socks slightly too big for my small feet; I ripped both so I can knit them a bit smaller next time around. Of course, I'm totally knitting this pattern again because I love it so much. I'm hoping I love it even more with the socks fitting my feet this time around.

Of course, these won't get knit until I finish my Jaywalkers. (On a sidenote, I'm glad I printed the pattern when I did, as Magknits has been taken down. Which is too bad.)

In other news, I'm very psyched it's the weekend. Oh, glorious Saturday and Sunday mornings, how I covet you so.