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  • Weeknotes 5 - Monday morning edition

    Looks like I forgot to recap my week last week and I'm late in recapping this week. Let's see what I've done!

  • Weeknotes 4 - Physical wipe-out

    I sat out last week after overdoing it on a bike ride last weekend. But hey, I'm back in action this week!

  • Weeknotes 3 - Trying to stay cool

    Non-computer activities took precedence over getting any blog work done, but hey, at least I'm writing this post!

  • Weeknotes 2 - Late edition

    I'm a day late in posting my recap of the week, but better late than never!

  • Weeknotes 1 - The beginning

    I'm starting to recap my week on Sundays, and hopefully this time I keep up with it! Read about spinning yarn, yoga, and more.