Striped sock!

Finally, I’m getting around to completing the second sock of a pair of socks I began knitting back in March.

The beginnings of a sock on double pointed needles.
Second striped sock beginnings.

I really wish I had kept track of how many rows I had done for the various parts of the first sock; it’s going to be a lot harder to match the two socks in size now. However, I don’t think it will matter that much; I’ll figure it out somehow. So far this sock has been off to a good start, as it only took me one try casting on the stitches to begin the ribbing of the sock. I’ve been making extraordinary progress on the sock, which makes me happy because I want to complete it before I work on any of my other knitting projects. I actually probably won’t knit anything for myself after I finish the sock; I need to start on my Christmas presents soon!

I’ll be very happy when this sock is done. I love sock knitting.