Starting over... again.

So… it’s been a long, long time since I’ve written in this blog. I’ve been itching to write again for awhile, mainly to get back into the practice of writing. I want to write more technical blog posts both for this blog and for my company’s blog. (How many times can I type the word ‘blog’?)

I haven’t been writing because I feel like I have nothing new to say, and then I overthink and overthink and overthink until I put my blog aside and touch it only to update outdated npm packages. Or, I’ll make excuses such as “Oh, let me update x y z on my blog, let me make the CSS look pretty” and so on. Yes, those are important, but I also need to write.

My blog layout isn’t perfect. I don’t know if I’ll post images. But I do want to write more here. So, here goes.