Spinning hell


Let me rant a little bit about how much I suck at spinning yarn.

Let me also rant a bit about how much it sucks being left handed trying to figure out how to spin the yarn.

Yarn looks fun, yes, and the pretty roving I bought looks even more fun to spin. I couldn’t wait to spin it yesterday, but Scott was here yesterday and I really didn’t want to bore him with my spinning endeavors. Instead, I pored over websites and the instructions that came with my kit, hoping that when I tried the spinning today, I’d have some success at least.

It looks good on the spindle, but the twist does not hold when I unwrap it and wind it myself. I’m assuming this has something to do with the way I’m twisting and which hands I’m using at the top; of course, being lefty I reversed the hand directions, using my left instead of my right as the top hand.

I’m also assuming that since I’m twisting the yarn and spinning the spindle in a way that’s meant for righties, my twist is all messed up. In all the directions I’ve read, they say to spin the spindle in a clockwise direction; naturally, since I’m using opposite hands, I probably should be spinning in a counterclockwise direction. However, I do not know for certain if this is the case, and I’m really hoping that there’s a left-handed spinning site out there somewhere that caters to the needs of we lefties who have no clue what they are doing.

I do like the pretty yarn, though spinning it has been a chore!