Safari for Windows

Yesterday, when I returned home from work, I discovered something I had hoped would happen for the longest time; Apple released a version of Safari for Windows. I’ve used Safari on the Mac a few times a few years ago when I worked for IU in the computer labs; I liked the interface, and I liked being able to check any websites I developed in the browser to be sure they displayed correctly. Since moving to northern Indiana, however, I’ve been Macless and have had to find online screenshot tools to test items in Safari.

Until yesterday. I shouted “Awesome!” to no one in particular when I pulled up and saw the news on the bottom of the page, and proceeded to download and test it. I like it, so far; it won’t replace Firefox as my main browser because of the lack of addons, but I like the small size and how quickly it seems to load. I like the resizeable textarea boxes and the look of the fonts as well, so it will be a great alternative browser to use when I feel like using something other than Firefox. Plus, I’ll be able to finally check my sites in a browser on my PC (that is, if the Mac and PC versions of Safari are pretty much identical). I’m pretty excited.

The iPhone? I could care less. I’m definitely more excited about Safari for Windows than that overpriced bit of technology (though it does look pretty).