So, while at work today, I received an invitation to try out Ravelry, a social network/organizer for people who knit and crochet. I’d been waiting for my request for about a month; I requested an invitation a few days behind (as always, I’m fashionably late), so I didn’t expect an invitation until it opened to the public!

I’ve played with the site a little bit since coming home from work; I’ve added a few of my completed projects and details about the ones I’m doing, but I let it get too dark to take pictures of what I’m working on now. Tomorrow! I also want to take pictures of my stash (the yarn I’ve hoarded, for those who aren’t into the knitting thing and for some reason are reading this post), which won’t take me long because compared to a lot of knitters, mine is very, very small.

I’m amazed so far at what’s been implemented so far in the systems. Being a coder myself, I’ve noticed a few nice touches throughout the site that make the product pretty sweet for the end user. I think the owners have done a great job with it so far :). I’ve been spending time poking around at new patterns, looking at other peoples’ finished items, and updating my own profile and pictures here and there. I’m having fun.

So, if you have a Ravelry account, my username is (surprise) starshaped. Feel free to add me; I love new friends!