Weeknotes 1

A few weeks ago, Jeremy Keith linked to a bunch of people writing weekly updates called Weeknotes, a little blurb of what the author worked on, listened to, or created in the past week. I really like this idea and have been meaning to try it for weeks, and I'm finally sitting down to write a little recap of my week before I head off to trivia. I'm hoping to post these on Sundays or Mondays normally.

All right. Let's go!

  • I spent the past week in Seattle at DrupalCon, one of my favorite conferences. I haven't attended since Vienna in 2017 and I love the US west coast, so I enjoyed spending a week in a fun city with many of my Drupal-ey friends. I attended many accessibility sessions, including a front-end accessibility summit on Monday and an accessibility deep dive workshop on Wednesday. I also enjoyed Alanna Burke's session Beyond the Screen Reader - Humanizing Accessibility and a Diversity and Inclusion Birds of a Feather (BOF). Oh, and I can't forget the Diversity and Inclusion breakfast as well as the Drupal Coffee BOF, where I got to drink some tasty coffee roasted at home by one of the members of the Drupal community. Awesome!
  • I also got to do some touristy things while in Seattle. Adam and I journeyed along with a couple friends to the Pop Culture Museum, Chihuly Museum, the Seattle Pinball museum, and an underground tour before jumping on the light rail to the airport to catch our 1am (yes, that's right) flight back to Boston. It was a fun and tiring day, but I wouldn't have wanted to do it any other way.
  • On the last day of the conference, I finally worked on something I've wanted to play with for ages -- setting up a decoupled Drupal and Gatsby website. I followed a couple tutorials and got a basic site up and running, and hopefully at some point either this week or next I'll write up what I did. That's definitely a post for when I have more time.

Well, that's it for this version of my weeknotes, but I hope to post more next week! I'll leave you with one of the many pictures I took at the Chihuly museum, which was really, really cool.

Assorted glass structures at the Chihuly museum in Seattle.

Now, off to catch my train to trivia!