Kind of sort of new

Leaves on a fence in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Leaves on a road in Cambridge, MA

First blog posts are always awkward, aren't they? I've been blogging now for close to 18 years (how in the world has it been EIGHTEEN FREAKING YEARS) and I STILL have yet to master a catchy opening paragraph. Then again, when have I ever cared about that?

I want to talk about things I've never really touched upon in this blog prior to now. I want to talk about impostor syndrome and how it's affected me and my career. I want to talk about the process of going through hard shit and making it to the other side. I want to post about things I've knit, spun, or created in some way. I want to write about trips I take so I remember where I've traveled.

This blog is a work in progress. I've thrown a layout together and I've been sitting on it for months. I feel the need to tweak and tweak and tweak until things are perfect, but really, I'll never make this site live if I don't just throw my hands in the air, say "fuck it!" and make the site live. It's how I've always worked the best.

So, here I go. Here I am, trying something (kind of sort of) new.