100 days of code

As you can see, I haven’t been writing here at all. While I’m at work, I think about all the things I want to do when I get home — I want to code! Maybe I’ll ramble in my paper journal! Ooh, this recipe looks tasty! I’ll write all the things!

Then I get home and sit on my couch, knit, and listen to podcasts. There’s nothing /wrong/ with that, of course, but I want to do something more when I’m not at work. I used to do way more coding and general messing about with different things on computers, and I'd like to get back to it.

Aubrey sitting in front of her computer with the Ubuntu logo on it
Back in 2005, when I messed with computery things all the time.

A few days ago, I came across 100 Days of Code. The general idea? To commit to code a minimum of one hour per day, every day, for 100 days. You can commit to learning a new language, perfecting existing madd skillz, redesigning your super awesome website, or whatever you deem to be ‘code’. The project even includes a log on Github that you can fork to keep track of your progress!

My 100 days of coding plan#

If you know me at all, you know I work full time as a front-end developer so I easily get one hour of coding done each workday. Because of this, I’m going to commit to a half an hour of code a day during the week, and one hour of code on the weekends. My definition of ‘code’ will be as follows:

  • Watching video tutorials. I’m watching Wes Bos’ excellent React for Beginners series, and I’ve learned so much about React since I started. I bought his new Advanced React course so I have something to watch after I wrap up my current course.
  • Listening to tech podcasts. Right now I’m only listening to the Syntax podcast, but I’m thinking of re-subscribing to other podcasts to broaden my knowledge. Plus, I can knit while I listen to these podcasts, so I’m doing something with my hands /and/ learning at the same time!
  • Actually writing code! The main thing I work on these days is the code for this blog, but this can also include contributing to Drupal or biting the bullet and opening PRs on other open source projects on Github. I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing more work on my blog than anything else, because it’s fun to apply some of the things I’m learning about React to my Gatsby-powered blog, and I can refine my CSS and add more polish to my site in the process.


I wanted to start this earlier in the week (I initially started this blog post on October 8th!), but I’m going out of town this weekend to spend time with friends. So, I’m planning to start tracking this on Wednesday, October 24th. I’m going to take a code tracking break on Tuesdays because I usually don’t spend time on my computer after work that day, and I will take a break on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Besides that, I’m hoping to code (almost) every day for the next 100 days, and I’d like to post a monthly wrap-up detailing what I’ve learned.

Once I start, I’ll post a link to my repository so you can track my progress. I’m excited to learn new things and to get some things done on my site!