Of roads, quilting, photos, and blogs.

This weekend, I randomly went to Kentucky. I also spent an insubordinate amount of time in a car, driving the interstate between Louisville and Cincinnati, happily gazing outside the windows to see mountains much like the mountains near my hometown in Massachusetts.

Fabric and knitting.
I've been drawn to blues and blacks and whites recently.

Scott's mother, our sister-in-law, and Scott's aunt embarked on a trip across southern Indiana and northern Kentucky on Saturday for a shop hop; the three of them purchased 'passports' from one of the shops, then had to get the passport 'stamped' at eight different shops in the area. Eight. I was along for the ride during round 2 of the hop, which took me to five different shops throughout the area. I was interested. I like driving around a state I had only been to twice prior; once to Louisville about five years ago, and again to help his grandfather move into his old apartment a few years ago. I love new states.

I knit. Everyone knows I knit. What everyone does not know, however, is that I quilt. A little. Scott's mom taught me how a few years back and got me a basic sewing machine for Christmas that year, but I haven't devoted much time to it so far. I have a few quilting books, even, and I've put together a few tops. She said I did a good job for not having done it before, and I had a good time figuring things out. I think I like quilting because of the mathematical parts; measuring, fitting things together, finding a way to put the pieces together. It's like a puzzle, somewhat.

But now I want to do more quilting. I saw some patterns I liked (how could I not; I did go to five different quilt shops, each with their own assortment of quilts adorning the walls, of course I'd find a pattern or two I liked!), and I'm pretty sure I can improvise a pattern and figure out what I need to do without buying a book. It's pretty fascinating, the art of cutting up fabric and sewing it back together in patterns. I always liked geometry and tesselations as a kid, and I do have a minor in mathematics, so it's no surprise I'm drawn into quilting.

Me with blonde hair.
001.365. I hope I stick with this.

I believe I'm going to attempt the 365 project again. I tried taking a picture of myself once a day back in August and again in October, failing after about thirty days both times. This time, I hope to take pictures every day, even if I loathe the photo immensely. I want to stick with it.