New things from Apple

Let's be honest: I'm not a huge Mac geek. I do like Apple and some of its products, but I'm not an Apple nerd. I'd love to own a Mac someday, once my student loans are a bit lower and my income's a bit higher. So for now, I peruse and read up on their newest releases, just to keep up on things.

So, Steve Jobs announced some more new products this morning. It's funny that I spent the morning hovering around my computer to see what they would be - a video iPod? New iMacs? Pink iPod Nanos? Either way, my interest was piqued so I checked Engadget as soon as I arrived home.

First up: yes, new iMacs. Looks like the new model's the same as the old, only smaller, with a built-in video camera, and with a remote control! The remote control's a good idea, as I've had times I've wanted to change music, volume, etc on my machine while listening to music but not being around the computer itself. So yeah, neatness abounds with the new G5s.

Then, of course, what most people were waiting for: iPods with video capability. They look pretty neat to me and the prices aren't really bad; $299 for a 30GB isn't horrible. Granted, I can't afford that with my current paychecks and I'm still happy with my 3G 10GB iPod, but they look neat. Also, episodes from five television shows are available on the new version of iTunes; nothing I watch, but if they'd add support for more shows, I'd be tempted. (Yes, put episodes of The Office for sale and I'd be sold!) Episodes sell for $1.99.

I love reading about the products Apple puts out. I tend to think they charge a hefty chunk of change for their products, but I still enjoy hearing about them. I will get a Mac someday to play with; I already run Windows and Linux and I'd love to fiddle around more with the Mac OS. Once I get a full time job I'll definitely be looking into buying a Mac.