Endpaper mitts

Hey, look! A post that's not about running!

A front view of my Endpaper Mitts.

I've wanted to knit my own pair of Endpaper Mitts for years. In 2011, I finally figured out a color combination when I received a skein of rainbow Mini Mochi fingering weight yarn during a yankee swap. Add a skein of white yarn to really show off the rainbow-ness of the Mochi? Yes. I was sold.

I knit these bad boys faster than anything else I've ever knit. Seriously. I went from none to done in two weeks. For me, the slowest knitter ever, finishing anything in two weeks is an exercise in futility. I think I just liked the pretty rainbow color changes as I knit.

A palm view of my Endpaper Mitts.

This project forced me to learn a new cast on method - the Italian tubular cast-on. As a left-hander who also knits left-handed, new techniques can be a little... hard to learn. Thankfully I came across a video showing how to do this cast on as a left hander, and I'm eternally grateful because there is NO WAY I could have done this without a video. Yikes.

The left mitt.

Also, one mitt ended up larger than the other because I switched up my stranding method after finishing the first one. Since the difference isn't really noticable, I won't redo them. I'm too happy with them to ever want to frog them, anyway! Now, I just need to block them...