DrupalCamp Montréal 2009

DrupalCamp Montreal 2009 group photo.
DrupalCamp Montréal 2009 group photo.

This past weekend, I, along with a few cohorts at Commonplaces (@sethcohn, @himerus, @bymiche, and @ebeyrent), traveled by van up to the faraway land of Canada to attend DrupalCamp Montréal! My coworkers each presented at least one session over the two day camp, and I was there to cheer them on from the sidelines.

Among some of my favorite sessions were, of course, my coworker Jake Strawn's presentation on Advanced 960.gs theming with his awesome Omega theme, my coworker Michelle Lauer's presentation on Advanced Views: Arguments and Relationships, and my boss Erich Beyrent's case study on Twolia.com, a site I worked on a little bit at the very end of the project when I first started working for Commonplaces.

I also enjoyed Michael Collins's Extreme Navigation Tactics, Lisa Rex's presentation on an awesome site she worked on with Jake called What's the Soup, implementing Google Map goodness, and Angie Byron's BOF on patching Drupal. Her presentation made me want to dive on in and see what I can help with! So, now I'm excited.

Of course, I was also reminded that Drupalers love to get their beer on afterhours. Two thumbs up to Benelux and their awesome, delicious brews!

I am happy to have become part of the Drupal community during the past six months. I love the people, I love the comraderie, and I love the project. I am hoping to give a presentation of my own in December at DrupalCamp NYC; I'm considering giving a talk on the basics of Ubercart. The prospect of this has me very excited.

Thanks to everyone who put together such a great DrupalCamp! I'm very excited to see the quality of the video recordings for each session; props go to DNB for their awesome job recording, and I can't wait to see what the results look like! Thanks for the good times, Montréal!