Drupal Design Camp Boston 2011

Drupal Design Camp Boston 2011 group photo.

Last Saturday, I attended Drupal Design Camp Boston, an event I've been going to for the past few years. Throughout the years, I've participated, both as an attendee and as a speaker! This is the first Drupal event I ever attended, so it holds a special place in my heart.

I'd been on the fence about going; I haven't been working with Drupal as much since I left my job as a Drupal themer/developer last year. I also hadn't even touched Drupal 7 and knew I needed to stay current for fear of really falling out of the Drupal loop.

I am so, SO glad I attended this year! I had forgotten just how much I love the Drupal community and meeting new people. I caught up with my old buddies @bymiche, @himerus, @susanmacphee, @lisarex, @finkatronic and met up with a few new people, including @geekgirlweb! I had a great conversation with @nikibrown at the afterparty and hung out with New Hampshire Drupallers @kbaringer and @hak42. So, so much fun!

I also attended a few great sessions; @evolvingweb's session on how they built Travelocity's Allhotels CMS in Drupal, Peter Farrow's presentation on jQuery Mobile, @kenwoodworth's talk on CSS3 and preprocessors, focusing on Sass (which I REALLY need to start using!) and lastly, @himerus' talk on his Omega theme and responsive layouts. Jake, your presentation rocked my socks off and I now want your madd Keynote skillz.

I came home from the day inspired and rejuvenated, eager to dive into Drupal 7 and some of the other technologies I learned about. I'm so excited, even now, and I'm so happy I braved the massive thunderstorms last Saturday morning to meet up with a bunch of talented, intelligent, friendly people. Thank you, #d4dboston!