Clapotis annoyances

I am annoyed. Want to see why? (Ignore the decidedly bad picture quality; it's cloudy outside and couldn't get sufficient lighting, even with flash.)

An almost finished Clapotis scarf.

See that unfinished bit at the upper right hand side of the picture? Yeah, it's going to stay unfinished until I find more of the Cascade 220 I used to knit this. I can't believe I ran out of yarn with just a few rows left to go. For those of you who have knit Clapotis, I'm on the last iteration on part 4 and then have maybe 10 rows of stitching after that, and now I have to buy a huge skein of yarn to complete this thing. What makes it worse is that I bought this yarn over Christmas when I was in Massachusetts, so I may have to give WEBS a call to see if they have any more in a specific dye lot. I knew I should have bought one more skein.

Still, I'm happy with how it looks. I knit this thing faster than I've knit most, though I still don't know what I'm going to do with it. I'm not sure shawls/wraps are my style, and it seems too big to be used as a scarf. Eh, either way, I'll find a use for it.