About Me

A headshot of Aubrey, the author of this blog.

Hi, I‘m Aubrey, a knitter and web developer living in the Boston area. I spend my days playing with Drupal and writing tons of CSS, and at home, I tinker with this blog, craft all the things, and change my hair color way too often.

I love sushi, the ocean, glitter, bright colors, chocolate, IPAs / sours / gruits, tea, and fun colored pens. I’m not a huge fan of cheese, pasta, and balloons.

About this site#

I registered this domain name in August 2000 when I finally received my driver‘s license. Initially I used it to post updates about my now defunct online journal (who remembers those days?), but in December 2000, I started this blog.

As blogging became more popular, I started writing in this blog more than the online journal, and now I‘ve been writing on here for over 18 years. This blog has been powered by Blogger, Greymatter, b2, Moveable Type, Wordpress, Jekyll, Drupal, and Gatsby, and is currently powered by Eleventy.

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