2020 good things list

For the last three years, I've compiled a list of good things that happened in the past year. Well, this year, it's been much harder for me to want to write about the good things because of, well, everything. Ending a long-term relationship during a global pandemic a month before turning 40? Yeah, 2020 was awful.

Still, a few good things did happen this year, so I'll note them here.

  • I started running again for the first time in 6 years. I stopped when it got too cold, but I'm confident I will pick it up again once it warms up and once I don't have to wear a mask to run outdoors.
  • I discovered the joy of fountain pens.
  • Before the pandemic, I spent a week in Palm Springs with my team for our company retreat. It was such a fantastic time and I'm glad I was able to take one trip this year.
  • I moved to a new apartment with an in-unit washer and dryer. Enough said!
  • I listened to a LOT of #ClubQuarantine on Gabriel & Dresden's Twitch stream. I wasn't a Twitch user before the pandemic, and now I watch so many DJ sets every week.

I don't have any wise words for the end of this post. 2020 was so rough and horrible and I don't even know what 2021 will bring.

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