My name is Aubrey and I love knitting, tea, and web development. I code during the day and make my own yarn, write in my journal, and cook tasty food in the evenings.

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  • CSS Naked Day 2020

    Hey, what's with the lack of style here today? Learn about CSS Naked Day and why I temporarily removed my theme.

  • 2019 good things list

    Here's a list of all the good things that happened in 2019. I traveled, spoke at conferences, and danced at awesome shows. Read what other good things I experienced in 2019!

  • NEDCamp 2019

    Another year, another fun time at NEDCamp! I enjoyed some fantastic sessions and even gave a talk of my own. Hanging with my Drupal friends is the best.

  • DrupalCamp New Jersey 2019

    Adam and I took multiple modes of transportation to attend DrupalCamp New Jersey, and we enjoyed time with friends, awesome sessions, and fantastic local brews.

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